Middle Eastern Jewelry Inspired Apparatus' New Lighting Collection

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New York-based interdisciplinary design studio Apparatus once again stunned us with their creative exploration and innovation in lighting design, this time with their Median collection. The series’ name refers to the alabaster planes that intersect the fluted brass forms in their mid-sections. A hidden light source illuminates the translucent stone and differentiates the solid from the permeable.

The Median collection is inspired by traditional Middle Eastern jewelry but, as with all of Apparatus’ designs, interpreted through a futurist lens. The series of fixtures includes a sconce, various surface and pendant lights, and a table lamp. With its modern silhouettes and combination of elegant materials, the Median collection easily plays double duty as lighting and sculptural objects. Led Garden Light

Middle Eastern Jewelry Inspired Apparatus' New Lighting Collection

For more information about the Median Series, visit apparatusstudio.com.

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Middle Eastern Jewelry Inspired Apparatus' New Lighting Collection

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